Your organization and industry are unique, so you need a learning solution that’s just as unique.  We create customized training and education solutions to improve your organizational goals and objectives and enhance your corporate culture.  We transform the driest subject into an engaging and informative learning session that incorporates improvisational training techniques designed to break down communication barriers in your organization, create positive cultures in the workplace, and increase self-awareness in communication styles and personal productivity!

Building Leadership Skills Within Organizations
Essential Skills for Success in the Workplace
Tools to Improve Team Communication and Productivity

Claire plans, produces, conducts and hosts a wide variety of retreats, breakouts, customized workshops, training sessions and non-profit events.

Corporate Retreats
One-Day Customized Workshop
$3,000 to $4,500 6-hour workshop
$500per hour plus preparation time and materials
$500 Plus preparation time and materials
Corporate Training
$200per day per participant per month investment.(3-month minimum enrollment to start)
Corporate Workshop
$200per day per participant Plus material development
Multi-Day Workshop
$200 Plus material development
Non-profit events and Fundraisers
$250 to $500 per month investment.(3-month minimum enrollment to start)

Lightness in Leadership

Discover how you can help individuals become more effective leaders of their own lives and in the lives of their teams and organizations. Lightness in Leadership demonstrates how different leadership styles can be adapted to the demands of the situation, requirements of the people involved or the challenges facing the organization. Also, discover how leadership, combined with management, can set a new direction and manage the resources to achieve that vision. Lightness in Leadership incorporates improvisational training techniques that are impactful and inspiring and make a measurable difference in the workplace.

Leading in the Workplace

All successful leaders have qualities in common, but certain leadership characteristics allow leaders to experience greater success. Leading in the Workplace expands on the Lightness in Leadership seminar and explores how to put these leadership traits into practice. Learn skills to expand your openness to change and discover how to inspire a shared vision.

Create or refine your organization or team’s values, vision, mission, and objectives and put your ideas into action, by creating strategies to communicate your vision and “make it happen.” Wrap up the session with tips for training and coaching in the workplace. This hands-on practical workshop teaches strategies to influence team members to work harder to achieve the overall organizational goals.

Knowing Your Personality Type

Knowing Your Personality Type will help develop self-awareness, harness the talent and motivators of different personalities in the workplace, navigate your team’s communication challenges, and cultivate harmonious working relationships with employees. This workshop leverages improvisation comedy to enhance your self-esteem and confidence and capitalize on your strengths. Also discover how better understanding your personality traits can help you create a purpose at work, establish career goals, and make any necessary career changes with confidence. Learn how personality assessments enhance team performance by teaching individuals how to relate to and appreciate other people, improve work relationships with the boss, colleagues, staff and clients.

Secrets of Effective Time Management

Take an objective view of how you manage your time in this full-day workshop designed to help you develop lifelong habits to tackle your time management and organizational challenges. This interactive, hands-on seminar will help bring clarity to the often muddy waters of prioritization and time management. Discover strategies and tips to improve time management, time planning, delegation, organization and management strategies, as well as handling and using time effectively. Secrets of Effective Time Management also covers subjects such as goal setting, improving organization skills and managing time successfully, ways to prioritize, and tips for setting and achieving goals. Go beyond the theory of the traditional classroom and create a personalized action plan designed to help your meet personal and professional goals.

Change Management

Every organization goes through changes. But, how those organizations manage change varies enormously depending on the nature of the business, the change, and the people involved. In the Change Management seminar, participants will demonstrate their awareness of organizational change and learn strategies to create a positive view of the organization throughout the change process. This engaging and informative learning session incorporates improvisational training techniques designed to help organizations recognize the barriers to change, identify the key stages of change management, and understand the leader’s role in facilitating change. Walk away with practical advice, guidance and strategies to communicate and implement change in your organization.

MENTORING: Moving Yourself and Your Employees Forward

Mentoring relationships are dynamic, reciprocal, personal relationships and an act of generatively—a way to pass on a professional legacy. In the Mentoring: Moving Yourself and Your Employees Forward seminar, discover the benefits of mentoring, guidelines to establish a mentor-protégée relationship, as well as different types of communication styles. In this interactive seminar, you will also learn various approaches a mentor might use—from to coaching and counseling to training and educating. Use this opportunity to strengthen your knowledge base and improve your communication skills through new ideas and different perspectives.