Laughter is the Best Medicine
Laughter Yoga Could Help...

Unwind Stress

Release Endorphins

Immune System Booster

Cardio and mid-body workout

Increase Circulation

Improve Emotional Intelligence

Provide Psychological Release

Improve Social Connection

About Laughter Yoga

``I Laughed so Loud, Tears Ran down my Leg!``

So, what if you combined it with the principals of yoga? Where would that take you?
Claire has had great success with a program called Laughter Yoga. She’s used it with teachers starting their school year, airline employees before busy season starts and with corporate executives looking to relieve stress.

About Laughter Yoga

Laughter yoga was made popular as an exercise routine developed by Indian physician Dr. Madan Kataria,
who writes about the practice in his 2002 book Laugh For No Reason.
Claire has gleaned the best practices of this foundation idea and shaped into her own program.

The idea of forced laughter to help drive away the blues or negative thoughts or just refresh your mind really works.
It releases over 10,000 healing chemicals into your body, and positive hormones such as endorphins,
like the “runners high” we get from extended exercise, and oxytocin, the bonding hormone.
It increases your immune system and decreases anxiety and depression.

One of Claire’s most recent experiences is with a family wanting to have a positive start and ongoing support during the school year.
Each Sunday Claire meets with them and, using the principles of laughter yoga, gets their week off to a positive and fresh start.
They also find themselves using the techniques during the week.

She is also beginning to introduce the healing effects of Laughter Yoga to the patients of Healing Springs Ranch,
is an adult residential treatment facility focusing on the treatment of addiction and the underlying trauma.

Laughter Yoga Sessions

These vary depending on group size, location and business or organization type.

Retirement Community or Non-Profit Organization
  • $60 per session; groups of 25 or fewer
  • Multiple booking (5 sessions for $250)
School Districts and Private Schools
  • $60 per session; groups 25 or fewer
  • $75 per session; groups 26 to 100
  • $250 per session; groups 100 plus (call for large group rates)Multiple session rates available
Corporate Training and Workshops
  • $150 per hour or  $950 per day
  • Multiple session rates available